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So this happened today with my Walker.


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  • So this happened today with my Walker.

    Was changing out the blue charging plug connector on the inside of my Kegel Walker. Had the e-stop on the machine depressed and everything. Didn't think to disconnect the battery. As I get off the old connector, I set the wires down to grab the new plug. Both wires touched, and sparked. Now the Walker won't turn on.

    It turns on when I have it plugged in to the wall. Went thru all the electrical components. All fuses are good, and I swapped out a blown relay I found. No burnt wires, no corrosion on the battery terminals. A I can surmount is the spark must've fried the batteries. Anyone have this happen before?

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    Did you check the fuse link? Measure the voltage across each battery and then across both batteries. You should get around 12.8 VDC for each and 25.6 VDC for the two. If you get the individual voltages but not the combined voltages you took the link out.
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      He may not have a link fuse. Ours didn't come with one with the original Valence batteries. It wasn't until we bought the AGM conversion kit did we get a fuse link.
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        The 40 amp fuse that connects to both batteries? I checked that fuse and it was fine.


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          Did you check the voltage across the batteries? I don't think you hurt them but that would ease your fears.


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            Just got time to work on the lane machine. Just got done getting everything ready for junior state tournament at my center. I get about 12.6vdc for each battery but nothing across both. The 40 amp fuse looks fine but I'm going to put in a new one and see what happens. I'll post after I'm done.


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              It was the 40amp fuse. Guess I shouldn't judge if a fuse is good just by looking at it. Thing looks brand new. Walker is back working. Now I don't have to move the ion lane to lane. Thanks for the help.


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                I usually check fuses with a meter just for that reason. Glad your up and running. Happy oiling.


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