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  • Firebird issue

    Has anyone experienced this problem before?

    The solenoids for the wicking pads on our Firebird are sporadically getting stuck in the energised position.

    This became apparent to me when the machine was having a general clean and service and I was testing the operation of the solenoids once the wicking pads and cables had all been reinstalled.

    Going through the test menu to activate the solenoids and the solenoid will "pull" fine but when I release the button on the keypad the solenoid will stay energized whereas it should then drop back out.

    It would do it on all the solenoids but not all the time.

    All solenoids have been replaced as most of them looked past their best but the issue is still there.

    We have also replaced the expansion module which gives a light signal when a solenoid is energised but no change after this either.

    Any ideas?

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    the solenoids are driven by relays sounds like they are sticking on find each relay then make them stick on, pull relay out, and or something is telling the relay to stay on


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      My colleague found that the breaker switch was cooking itself underneath the mounting plate. This was affecting the power going to solenoids. Looks like a build up of dirt and gunk and possibly a spillage of some sort had accumulated around the terminals to the switch.


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