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Defy 30 and Kegel


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  • Defy 30 and Kegel

    Does the problem with the defy 30 killing the kegel pumps still exist or has brunswick changed anything in defy 30 to eliminate the problem. Just curious was thinking of switching to it but I'm not in the mood to spend that much money on a pump. I know this has been asked in the forum but I have not seen a newer post of the problem.

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    Hello Todd. Just wanted to reply to your question about our Defy products. The chemistry of the Defy products have not changed the most important factor in switching chemicals is always to thoroughly clean the machines conditioning system making sure that all residue of the original conditioner remains before introducing a new conditioner to the system. When changing from Kegel product to Defy one of the most over looked things is making sure that you completely clean the conditioner tank. This is one of the items that many had over looked originally when making the conversion to Defy products. If you do the complete cleaning making sure no residue of the Kegel product before introducing Defy you will be good.


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