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  • CORD

    So what we need for a cord 12/3 anyone no a good place to go need 200 ft. see about .90 cents a foot sound about right Thanks

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    About $1 a foot is reasonable for standard SO cord but can be much higher depending on the outer casing.

    As a side note, I'm not sure what your using this for but 12 ga wire is fairly small for a 200 ft run. Voltage drop on a 120V 10A load would be over 7 to 8 volts depending on the cable stranding which is about 6.5% drop. Branch circuits are limited to 3% and branch plus feeders are limited to 5%. While this isn't either, they are good guide lines. Equipment manufacturers design equipment for +/- 5% voltage supply. If your plugging this into the end of a long branch circuit you have to add the voltage drop for the branch circuit as well so you could end up with major problems.

    Low voltage to the equipment could cause strange or damaging results. If this is a 240 V system you are better off because the same 7 to 8 voltage drop would be a little over 3% drop which is more tolerable. For a 200 ft cord restricted to 5% voltage drop, 7 amps max for 120 V and 14 amps for 240 V. If using this for a lane machine, consider using a larger conductor to the lanes and then the smaller cable for the machine connection.

    Just FYI.


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      It is recommended that a lane machine cord be 125 feet to avoid that voltage drop
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        12/3 "SJTO" is the type of cord you want. It has the vinyl jacket. We use 125' which lets us oil half our 24-lane house before having to move the cord to another outlet.


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