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Express Model B - Combination Lane Machine


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  • Express Model B - Combination Lane Machine

    Our Express Model B has started leaving a 3" stripe of oil free lane right over the arrow to the left of the centre arrow. The lane surface to the left of the stripe is exactly as it should be. I have checked, and then changed the wicking foams, the oil is getting up the foams onto the transfer roller and then onto the buffing brush. i have run it with the vaccuum head retracted as far up into the machine as possible so it is definitely not touching/rubbing onto the lane. I have let the machine dry properly after the cleaning cycle then put the oil down once the lane and the vac head etc are totally dry to eliminate drips and/or a wet stripe but still there is a stripe no matter what i do. what is my next step? i've never used the buffer tension meter but surely if this was the issue the gap would be at one end or across the entire lane rather than a perfectly neat stripe toward the middle of the lane. Any help greatly appreciated.....

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    Couple of things I'd look at and do: first off, don't worry about the buffer gap/tension aspect as of right now.
    I'd run a DRY cloth along the buffer brush and transfer brush -- the whole width and clean out any dingleberries and gunk. From the top and underside of the machine.
    Run the buffer motor on the approach or walk along the machine as it goes down the lane and observe the brush rotation.
    Try a different pattern in the machine and or cycle through the current one to make sure it is not corrupted in its settings.
    Make sure when putting cleaner in the machine, it doesn't get spilled on the brush -- that might have happened accidentally and will certainly affect the oil distribution.


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      thanks - have had a go at most of these already but hadn't considered a cleaner spillage on the brush - i think the stripe is to exact and regular for this but i am at the point where i'll give anything a go. for any one struggling Staurt Munnings at Embassy Services seems to be the go to guy for lane cleaners in the UK and has been very helpful...


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        Well whatever it turns out to be, let us all know so we can learn from it.


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          will do


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            as usual in the end it was something frightenly simple. one of the aluminium blocks that hold the wicking foams against the transfer roller had split vertically along the line between the bolts that hold them in place. someone had obviously got a wee bit excited and tightened them far too hard to stop them slackening off which shattered them. new block in place and now no oil-less stripe


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              Ahh, very good. Good to hear it's solved.


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                you always feel like a total eejit when you fail to notice something that simple but at least the league bowlers have stopped whinging for now!


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                  Originally posted by g.i.b.c. View Post
                  you always feel like a total eejit when you fail to notice something that simple but at least the league bowlers have stopped whinging for now!
                  ehhh, pretty sure it happens to everyone at least least it's handled and you'll not likely overlook that in the future.


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