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  • HVO SUMMIT Stops

    I have a problem with my SUMMIT HVO when it arrives on the Pindeck stops.
    If I help by pushing it by hand, it goes to the end of its program
    Thank you for your help

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    If it will continue after giving it a nudge then I would suspect it's getting twisted sideways a little. Does it do this on all lanes or just certain ones? Check the cone shaped guide rollers that grip the sides of the lanes. Does it do this at exactly the same place every time? Check the lanes in the area the machine stops to see if the machine is catching on anything.

    We had a similar problem with ours after we switched to a heavier cord and I discovered if they didn't keep enough cord fed out then it would cause the machine to twist slightly and jamb up on the lane. I also discovered they would sometimes send the cord down the next lanes gutter and so it would get caught up on the halo for the scoring camera for the above ground ball returns. It seems like any little thing that causes extra pull on the cord would cause it to twist.

    Also check your encoder wheel. These will deteriorate over time and get a bad spot that prevents it from turning smoothly. Since your not getting an error, I would be less suspicious of this but it just takes a few seconds to check.

    Post back if you continue to have this problem. Good luck.


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      Excess pin deck treatment + a little too much squeegee pressure can stop a summit.

      Check you back end cleaner flow.
      Could be running the lane dry at the pin deck.


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