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SLO blow fuse issue


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  • SLO blow fuse issue

    at first had a solenoid go bad on the cleaning pad started to smoke found it stuck and smelled burnt. Replaced it and replaced the slow blow fuse
    went to run it I have panel lights and program number but when you go to start the machine it pops the fuse . So I check the switch for starting it good,disconnect all motors still blows the fuse any ideas on what is going on, possible computer circuit board?

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    Judging by your profile this is a Silver Bullet?

    I don't have experience with this machine but it sounds like the controlling relay/board is shorting out. A visual inspection of the relay and associated connections may reveal the problem.
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      Sorry yes it is a silver bullet Gemini 1995 model


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        We had the HVO Summit which shares similarities to yours and I had to deal with this problem often. If the solenoids aren't free to move then they get jammed open which is a high current state for them which causes the fuse to blow. If the problem doesn't get resolved, eventually the solenoid will be destroyed like you had. If the cleaning pad doesn't get installed correctly, it can cause the solenoid to jamb open and then the problem happens. This is where our problem was because whoever did the lanes would forget to check to make sure the solenoid was free to move after installing the pad. So before you get to deep into troubleshooting this, the first thing i would do is make sure all the plungers are free to move in and out of their solenoids. Simply push up on each one and make sure it moves freely. Pay close attention to the cleaning pad solenoids since the pad gets removed and reinstalled.

        Then unplug each of the solenoids and make sure the ends can't short against anything. I suggest you do this because if the problem is one of the solenoids, you don't want to risk damaging something. These solenoids aren't cheap. Don't forget about the solenoids for the oil tanks. Fire it up and see if the fuse is still blowing. If not, it's one of the solenoids. Plug each solenoid in individually and double check the plunger is free to move. Check to see if it causes the fuse to blow. If not, move on to the next one until you find the culprit.

        If the fuse blows with the solenoids all unplugged, post back and we can go further into the trouble shooting. I suspect you'll find the problem goes away when you disconnect the solenoids though.


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          Thank you very much this helps a lot!


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