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  • IonTC Help Needed

    Hello all,

    I have recently been put in charge of my center's lane conditioning equipment, which is great & flattering & whatnot, except when you consider that I know precious little about lane conditioning equipment :/ I'm hoping someone on this board might be able to offer some guidance...

    We are having an issue with our Kegel IONTC machine whereby the machine is applying different amounts of oil in the midlane. After running several tape readings of our pattern, we've noticed that while the readings at 15' remain relatively constant across all lanes being oiled, the readings at 37' start way lower than they should be, and then progressively increase as the lanes are oiled. Say, for instance, that we start oiling on lane 1. The reading at 37' for lane 1 shows about half as much oil as the reading at 37' for lane 40. We clean our machine regularly and we always oil the first pair of lanes twice or 3 times to get the brush saturated. We've never had this problem before, so I'm curious whether anyone else has experienced this or has any insight into how we can fix it.

    Apologies if I haven't been clear or have used the wrong jargon to describe my problem - I am truly a beginner at this! Thanks in advance for your help!


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    Couple of things to think out....
    Does this happen with all patterns or just a particular one?
    Are there noticeable drips starting to appear as the machine is used?
    Have you done a volume test at the start, then one at the end of a run? --- if nothing else, just to see if the pump is running consistently on long hauls.
    Is the brush crush even and proper on the lane machine?

    Those are the questions or items I'd start to look at if in your position.....


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      What equipment are you using to check the lanes?


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        loadtoad - I haven't done or looked for any of those things, so thanks! That gives me something to sink my teeth into at least. Will reply back with results.

        joel - we are using a relatively antiquated Perry-Austin tape reader(not sure of the model) hooked up to a similarly antiquated PC running Brunswick Computer Lane Monitor 1.0 (i think the PC runs on Windows NT lol). Not the flashiest setup, but has worked well for years. I'm not sure that it's this part of the process which is failing, since we've had numerous interactions with our pro shop staff and customers whose opinions we trust which suggest that there is a problem similar to what's described by the tape readings. But yeah, that was one of the first things I thought of, too.

        Thank you both for responding! I don't feel quite so forlorn now I will respond back once I have time to check/implement the things loadtoad mentioned...


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          Also oil in different direction see if problem moves


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            Add to the list a visual of the lanes. Especially if the shot you are running is a normal house condition, the oil is building up towards the end of the run will be visibly different from the first few lanes......


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