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  • Flex Battery charger

    I just got a new Flex. Should I purchase a surge protector for the Battery Charger?

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    Our charger doesn't have a power switch so we plugged it into a surge strip with switch, and also plugged a night light into the strip as well so we can tell at a glance whether the unit has power. The switch is a nice convenience since the charger has to be OFF before connecting or disconnecting the charger from the lane machine.


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      It wouldn't hurt.

      It's a cheap bit of peace of mind knowing the charger is protected from an average surge.
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        When they installed the scoring at Beloit, I told them they really needed a high quality surge protection device installed on the Main Buss, (the Main Service Panel that feeds ALL the scoring equipment which includes isolated grounds). But, no listens to the old guy. They have had several power surges there when they lost primary power from Wisconsin Electric. That has taken out 3 main boards and one keypad board on the Qubica scoring system costing them what?, $6000 +. Why would want surge protection ?? A lightning strike is something else but when you look at the fluctuations on the grid today, cheap insurance. When I built and wired my home, I put a high quality surge protector directly on the Main Panel Buss.

        In addition, I just wired up the Ethernet cables for a POS, (Point of Sale), system in a bar. I installed 3700 Watt surge protectors at all stations to protect the terminals, printers, cash drawers, etc. I then added a UPS, (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to each station which also contains surge protection. Overkill, maybe, but look at the alternative if they loose power or have a surge.
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          James - amperage?

          Surge protectors cost next to nothing these days.

          Use them at home and work to protect most everything that is susceptible to voltage spike.

          I figure they are cheap insurance.


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            Thanks for your input guys.


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