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Kegel battery life


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  • Kegel battery life

    Touch screen walker. Batteries are lucky if they make it 2 years. 32 lane center. There is a fair amount of extra oiling due to tournaments.
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    Depends on which battery you have


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      Old school lead deep cycle batteries about 2 years tops.

      Newer style lithium battery module, dont know.
      Still havent replaced one.


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        Same here. Mid-size battery, 48 lane house, has lasted three years and still going. It's at the point where it starts getting low at the end of the run, but it does finish.


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          We have the Orange K2 battery in our Flex Walker (rated at 62 lanes per full charge). 3 1/2 years old, 36 lanes but we run it about half as much as a normal center would. Not showing any signs of quitting on us yet.
          -- Larry


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            Marked Odyssey extreme series
            If you think my girlfriend can fight, you should see her box!


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