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Changing conditioner - Sanction machine


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  • Changing conditioner - Sanction machine

    Lane Machine Tip - Alex Smith

    You Put WHAT in the WHAT?
    The time is soon approaching to decide if you want to stay with your current lane conditioner or try the next miracle oil. There is much more to just running the tank empty and filling the oil tank with the new stuff. Even though your lane machine may cost more than your car, doesn’t mean you fill it up the same way. Lane oils have a complex chemistry and some do not like getting mixed with others. It is a must that the oil tank be free of the old oil before installing the new oil. The same procedures will also apply for oil tanks that have been contaminated with lane cleaner. This happens more often than you might think. The SBI lane machine tech support staff fields at least one of these calls a week from around the country. It is advised to NEVER use any chemicals in the lines as it can ruin the seals in the fitting, ruin the oil pump, or ruin the wicks. Cleaning the tank and lines is very simple and takes less than an hour, even if you take your time.
    For Sanction Technology machines.
    • Remove oil tank from machine.
    • Remove the filter from the oil tank.
    • Pour all oil out into a container.
    • Flush tank with water to get oil and any build-up and debris out of tank.
    • Rinse with your lane cleaner mixture and agitate and dump into a container.
    • Flush with water and empty. Allow to dry as much as possible.
    • Clean or replace the internal filter at this time.
    • Reinstall internal filter using Teflon tape and a small amount of clear silicone around the threads.
    • Reinstall tank.
    • Fill tank with new oil.
    • Put the return line to the oil tank into a cup or container and run the oil pump so that the oil will go into the container. This will get the old oil out of the lines and replace it with fresh oil. It also keeps the new oil from getting contaminated in the oil tank.
    • Once all of the old oil is out of the lines you can reinstall the oil return line back on the oil tank.
    • Now run 5 oil volume output test into the container. This allows all of the oil to get out of the pencil tip and tubing.
    • Now would be a good time to clean your transfer brush, smoother pads, or transfer rollers, depending on your machines oil application. It would also be advised to clean the buffer brush at this time. No chemicals should be used to clean these items, just clean dry shop rags.
    • Now you can safely run the oil pump without fear of any mixing of chemicals. Also allow the pump to run and inspect for any oil leaks.
    • It is advised that you now check your oil volume output and oil pressure. We, at SBI, set oil pressure at 15PSI. However, anywhere between the ranges of 10-20PSI is safe. Running the pressure below 10PSI and above 20PSI can cause issues.

    You have now successfully changed oils or cleaned out the oil tank.
    For Pad/Wick Technology machines

    • Remove the wicks from the oil tank.
    • Using dry rags wipe down the wicks and remove any build-up from the roller contact area.
    • Using a shop-vac, vacuum the oil from the wicks.
    • Place wicks upright in a tray. Allow wicks to soak in new oil.
    • Remove oil tank from machine marking the location so it can be installed in the same location.
    • Pour oil from tank into a container.
    • Rinse tank with water to remove the oil and any debris from the tank.
    • Rinse with your lane cleaner mixture and agitate and dump into a container.
    • Flush with water and empty. Allow to dry as much as possible.
    • Wipe down transfer roller and buffer brush with dry clean rags.
    • Reinstall oil tank making sure to use the location marks made earlier.
    • Fill oil tank.
    • Reinstall wicks with machine in operating position.
    • Allow machine to sit for a few hours so that the wicks can fully saturate and level out.

    You have successfully clean out the wicks and oil tank.

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