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express model b - combination lane machine


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  • express model b - combination lane machine

    having a nightmare with this machine. Leaving a dry stripe down the lane about 3" wide and about a foot from the left hand edge of the lane. I have changed the wicking foam, the agitator foam, I've checked the transfer roller and the brush. Nothing that shouldn't be touching the lane is. The solenoids and electrics have been checked. I'm running out of ideas. Any helpful suggestions much appreciated.

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    I'm guessing from the lack of replies that no one else uses this machine!


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      I don't know your machine but stripes are sometimes caused by the squeegee. Make sure the blades have a sharp edge on them especially the one in the rear.


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        can u do a clean only program and then check the lane for moisture?


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          I've only recently joined Bowltech, but I also have a Express machine and the symptom you have can be caused by worn drive wheels. I trust that you found this some time ago. Anyway, I just happen to have worn drive wheels on my machine right now and would love to get the rubber replaced rather than buying complete new wheels again, do you know of anyone who refurbishes these drive wheels?


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            thanks - i'll have a look at the drive wheels this weekend and to answer the previous question too - yes the wet streaks are still there on a clean only cycle.


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              this just gets the machine barely starts moving down the lane when on a cleaning only cycle or a combo cycle before grinding to a halt. if you give it a small push to get it going again it runs down the lane fine, senses the end of the lane, starts to return then at the point the vac head turns off all drive goes and the machine just sits there until you pull it back manually to the foul line. if you just run a oil and buff program it runs perfectly. On the plus side i have got rid of the 3" strips at the side of the lane so there is some progress. I have checked all fuses atc and am just at a total loss as to what to do next.....


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