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Pattern or oil?


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  • Pattern or oil?

    Kustodian Plus Model D
    50mil pump
    Fire oil
    Defense C 5:1
    Full tune up 6 months ago
    Mix of old and new prolane-don't ask lol

    21.7mil pattern
    RBD 40ft


    The problem I'm having is the high rev/low ball speed bowlers are having a hard time with this pattern. The ball either hooks up early on them or rolls out leaving wash outs and weak 10's. The low rev/high speed bowlers that can play up the boards are put up some good scores though. I'm leaning more toward the fire oil just being a very hooky oil. But I wanted to get some other opinions before I made a drastic decision.

    I tried widening the loads on the first couple foward passes to see what would happen. First I made it 2-2-2 and removed the 8-8-1. And another time I tried widening the 8-8-1 to 5-5-1. Both created some real skid/flip conditions in the back end.

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    It looks like the forward speeds are a problem. When I write programs for Fire, Ice or Curve I will start the first 2 - 2 loads at 10 ips and then slowly increasing from there. You will the find that you can then increase the initial 2 - 2 loads to x2 or x3. You should also consider adjusting the reverse oil so that there is more than 5 feet of buff back to the foul line., especially if you have the transfer brush setup.
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      2-2 2 14
      8-8 2 14
      9-9 2 14
      10-10 3 18
      12-12 2 18
      Buff to 42

      2-2 0 26 to 34ft
      13-13 2 22
      12-12 3 18
      11-11 4 14
      10-10 2 10
      8-8 1 10
      2-2 0 10

      I run something very very similar to this with Fire on prolane. Thursday night 9 out of 49 over 710. 5 of those 740 or better. Find where your RBD works best.


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        Have you checked your cushion roller to make sure its round and not "sucked in" on the outer edges ? It just seems like with only 1 2-2 load on the forward pass the outsides should not have a problem bringing the ball back to the pocket and not cause 2-8-10's. Always make sure its cleaning 100% before making pattern changes especially if the scores drop without any pattern changes. Good luck


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          That's for the advise. I adjusted my speeds and was able to apply more loads on the forward and reverse. Next week I'll up the first 2-2 load to X2.

          My cushion roller is in good condition. I replaced it at the beginning of winter leagues and we remove the tension off of it every time we put it away. And I do a weekly cleaning check to make sure the lanes are clean. I feel like the ball is burning up before it makes it to the pins and that's where the wash outs are coming from.


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