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Prodigy pattern any suggestions


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  • Prodigy pattern any suggestions

    Just wondering what you guys are doing mine seems to dry up after game and a half. but move then all right Thanks

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    What oil machine? lane surface?


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      also where in the country are you?


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        From MY experience with ""Prodigy"" I found we had the SAME issue as you're having. It played fine for about a game and 1/2 then burned out. The more experienced bowlers of course were able to dial in the transition & breakdown and make the necessary adjustment but for MANY....that just WOULD NOT MOVE (lol)......they found the Prodigy unacceptable over the course of a three game set. We changed to the ""Infinity"" and found it played well but was causing us too many problems with machines ie: off spots, pin jams, respots etc etc. We eventually settled on the ""Navigate"" and have bee VERY happy with it's performance and so have the league bowlers. We even had a State Record shot...890 during the 2014-15 Classic Tournament we hold every year so.........I think we'll stick with it.


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          Phoenix-s HPLS U.S.A Northern Michigan


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            Hpls are some of the most hooking lane surfaces that are out there. Prodigy is a thin viscosity oil that in turn always breaks down NO matter what you do with the pattern. Offensive is my suggestion. It also is less sensitive to weather change. the down side is your oil machine it is a transfer roller so the only way it lays down oil is to slow it down.


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              Gotcha Thanks


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