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Phoenix Model C oil issues.


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  • Phoenix Model C oil issues.

    Our Phoenix won’t disengage any of the solenoids on the right hand side after a new employee knocked the machine over. When we test with a multimeter it has 120 volts going to all of them constantly yet we can’t find any broken wire against the frame or what could be causin this?? Thanks.

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    I would check the wiring carefully especially leading into the processor. Could well be a neutral fault.
    Check the relays too for any issues and signs of displacement.
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      No luck finding any broken wires thus far. Relays had resistance on the multimeter. Right now we have it rigged up taking the power from the left side solenoids to power the right. Only problem with that is we can’t screw the lefties anymore... sad. Hahah


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        I'm not familiar with your machine specifically but since your not getting a lot of responses I thought I'd see if I could help you out. Went to the Kegel site and found two manuals for Phoenix model c machines. Once is the Phoenix-S model C which apparently has no solenoids in the machine, It uses a moving oil head to dispense the conditioner across the lane like a printer and motors to raise and lower the other components. The Firebird Phoenix uses wicking pads to dispense conditioner which are controlled by solenoids again with motors to raise and lower other components, So I guess the first thing is to clarify which machine you are referring to. I assume you are talking about the Firebird but I want to make sure we are on the same page.

        It sounds like you probably have the Firebird so we'll assume that for now. The manual for the Firebird has had the electrical diagrams removed for some reason but if you have these we can help you resolve the problem. But from what I see this is apparently a PLC controlled machine with each solenoid wired back to the PLC. There is probably a common to all the solenoids and individual control to the solenoids by the PLC.

        If I read your posts correctly, the solenoids on the right are energized all the time which keeps the wick pads off the roller and is preventing conditioner to be laid down. So as a work around you have rewired it so the right side is controlled from the left side solenoid control. Is this correct? Did you move each solenoid control on the right to the left side control or was there only one wire that needed connected somewhere?

        I'll wait for your response before we dig to deep into this but it sounds like the problem may be in the PLC expansion board but we don't know enough yet to confirm this. If you have wiring diagrams then a very clear picture would be nice to look at or have them scanned to pdf and post here.


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          You assumed right on all of that. We ran all of them back to the computer, tried a new computer, and new boards in it. No clue what else to even try before we just take it to the Kegel rep near for a full refurbish.


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