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USBC 3 Unit Rule Suspended


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  • USBC 3 Unit Rule Suspended

    I didn't see this subject anywhere, I am surprised as this could be a problem for us.

    I think USBC just gave away some integrity when they suspended the 3 unit minimum oil rule. This is perfect, now I can oil a normal pattern to 40 feet or so, then I can run an oil soaked cloth all the way to the headpin... now way to crossover and it's totally legal because there is no minimum. . Should be seeing 900's coming in like never before.
    Should have left the rule alone... since I don't need inspections, I can now help everyone that already has a 800 and a 300... now we can give them 900's

    Guess what?! I got a fever, and the only prescription... is more cowbell!

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    Well here we go USBC passes no 3 units on outside now. Oil lanes however you want. Say by 3rd game bowling balls change the lanes so doesn't matter sort a speak. Why didn't they do something about bowling balls 10 plus years ago. But I guess bowling sure isn't the same been family owned for over 70 yrs now and sure is different. I get you gotta change but now the 170s will be 200s makes no sense. I understand that's the name of the game high scores or you won't have customers but I guess.


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      You will start seeing alot of reverse application of oil soon, so as to not buff out the oil on the outside boards.
      Everyone can have a 52' christmas tree for the holidays this year!


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        Originally posted by Wookie8662 View Post
        You will start seeing alot of reverse application of oil soon, so as to not buff out the oil on the outside boards.
        Everyone can have a 52' christmas tree for the holidays this year!

        I can't wait until everyone in my neighborhood has a 900.

        When I bowl nationals do have to use my 287 average?
        Guess what?! I got a fever, and the only prescription... is more cowbell!


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          OK USBC makes the lane certification more stringent - measure all 5 syntetic panels and require new lane instales to be no more than 30 thousandths deprection - for "the integrity of the game". then they throw out the 3 unit rule, I can't say what I want to but USBC is a bunch of clowns. Just look at the numbers, there circling the drain, and is not worth the dues they charge. Later Chief


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            Agree 100% Members keep paying for the USBC condos and cars and other things at the Nationals . There a Joke anymore.


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              Was just reading an article about the rule change and their reasoning for suspending the rule uses some of the most back assward logic one can think of.

              Their "thinking" is....... because today's equipment alters the condition to the point that the lane no longer can meet the specification after a league session.(ie, parts of the lane pattern will no longer have three units on it) that it makes the rule obsolete.

              Which is true..... *IF* you run a certified sport shot league. Because you have the ratio of the low pont to high point specification to contend with.

              BUT..... as far as I can see through the USBC website a sanctioned league isn't required to run a sport condition.

              Therefore..... the USBC has now legalized lane blocking. The one thing they spent decades trying to get rid of because scores were spiraling out of control.

              They've thrown in the towel.

              Here is the section of the report that says it all......

              When asked what bowlers want, the group responded that bowlers don’t know or care about whether lane conditions meet USBC specifications, they just want to score well. If scores were to go down because of enforced lane dressing rules, bowlers would raise those concerns with their bowling center.

              When discussing what proprietors want, the group stated proprietors care about satisfying bowlers, regardless whether they comply with the specification. The group believes there is a portion of proprietors not complying with the rule today, whether intentional or unintentional.

              Today’s patterns break down quicker, which requires significant moves in from game to game. If the three-unit rule were eliminated, most believe the patterns will remain the same but potentially could get a little easier.

              -- Larry


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                Already have had an 859 series on our legal pattern.
                New ladies house record for us.


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                  We have all been legally blocking lanes since the advent of resin reactive, three units has little or no effect on this equipment
                  Television is called a medium because it is neither rare or well done.


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                    I just joined a league, first time in 5 years, and the lanes went dryer faster than anything I had seen before. You could usually get 2 good games out of a fresh oil pattern. I'm going to be watching this for the year to see what they do.


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