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  • Kegel Flex oil

    I will be getting a Flex machine in the near future and I'm wondering what Kegel oil would work best for 20 year old Brunswick synthetic lanes? I am currently using Ice but the carry down is terrible.

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    Kegel Fire.


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      I have used fire, ice, current and terrain. Currently using terrain in our flex, it has the least amount of carry down out of the 4 in my opinion.
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        I tried fire already in my Phoenix s machines and i was getting complaints. I never tried those other oils.


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          I use Offensive all the way for 43 feet no issues


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            Terrain has an insane viscosity (81, nearly twice that of all the other Kegel oils) .... that's why it doesn't move as much.

            We use Current (52), which is Kegel's second highest viscosity oil. It also can be mixed with Fire or Ice, but we use it straight up. Have to be sure your cleaning system is optimal though.

            I would stay away from Curve..... it's literally a house ball call generator.

            -- Larry


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