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Need a pattern for a phoenix model c for my league


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  • Need a pattern for a phoenix model c for my league

    As the title says. Basically our league is terrible averages of 130-160 and not many of them hook or have any real revs other than me and my brother (yes I bowl in the league also)
    I'm the tech at the centre and we have an old phoenix model c from 2001.
    We currently use crossfire lane conditioner.
    Basically looking for a pattern that's pretty easy for the guys who have less revs and less movement on the ball but then would allow me and my brother and 1 or 2 more to play further left.
    Every week in getting moaned at the change the pattern so I tweak it a bit each week to see how they play but it's never any good because it's "far too oily"
    Any help or cheat sheets are welcomed thanks in advance.

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    Hey man I'm using a model c as well but we use kegel curve oil on wood lanes here. I could give you our pattern info if you wanted to check it out. we are high scoring here at our center \. at least 25 guys are 200+ avg with myself on top at 226. let me know if you need a hand.


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      Yeah, got an old Phoenix lane machine and use crossfire lane conditioner.
      We tried many different patterns. And all the customers moan about it sooner or later.
      Some even love the changes.
      Can't please everyone.

      The best thing we did for ourselves were to get new pins and make the machine go a little faster.
      It puts out less oil while keeping the same pattern.
      Maybe you should try changing the stripper??
      The old stripper use to give us lots of off spot pins.
      Started using the new one (I forget the names) and less off spot and pile ups.

      Good luck
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        What are your pad configuration?
        73555537 works really well.


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          Clean 3 & 12
          last spray 50 feet
          pattern 42 feet
          forward to 2nd 3 feet
          high 42feet
          1-7 60"
          7-10 220"
          10-15 32'
          15-20 33'
          same both sides

          2nd 42'
          low 10'
          1-7 0"
          7-10 120"
          10-15 33'
          15-20 33'
          same both sides

          I have wood lanes
          using Crossfire oil


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            Sigo el post

            Tengo la phoenix modelo c con pista sintetica amf y aceite prodigy y probe todo tipo de configuraciones de esponjas y patrones. El problema que tengo es que o la pista me queda muy aceitada o se seca enseguida variando levemente algun parametro se vuelve injugable. Si alguien me puede ayudar necesitaba un patron de aceitado adaptado a todo tipo de jugadores

            gracias y un saludo


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              Believe me new pins scores will go down. We did a study at are center and every 3 years new pins avgs went down 5 pins as a whole 300s less 800 none. We buy 1 year old pins from a guy in Wis. they come from a.m.f. centers.


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