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Refurbishing synthetics


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  • Refurbishing synthetics

    I was wondering if there is something I'm supposed to do to my Gen 2 Prolane after 6 seasons. Halfway through this season, my lanes became very inconsistent scoring wise and OOR wise. Suddenly appeared to be a lot more carry down. Running 2 machines and no obvious difference between the 2. Do very regular maintenance on the machines and try to mix cleaner the same everyday. A couple of times, I ran a strip only followed by strip and oil and things seemed much better for a few days. Thought maybe there was some super cleaning process I need to be doing. Thanks

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    Your issue seems more like your choice of oil is changing due to weather conditions. Which oil and cleaner are you using?


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      Contrary to everyone's belief the Lane machines do not clean every thing off the Lane, ( I had this argument with King ) they actually leave a residue on the Lane and if you clean more than once you have extra residue, resulting in a bigger Backend, not because it is cleaner. You can run the Machine down 10 times and you will experience a Backend like you have never seen and I have seen this happen, whilst I was trying to sort out a problem with my Machine and I ran it down the same Lane many times. If you have squeeky clean lanes when you run your finger across the lane you have something on the Lane, according to the late Bill Taylor.

      Fred Borden came out to Australia a few times in the 90's and I remember him saying that the Bowlers think you did something stupid to the Lanes whenever the Weather changes, this could be your problem, so when you double stripped you altered the lanes quite a bit.Therefore you may have a slight stripping fault with the Machines, maybe a slight change in cleaner may fix it, you just have to experiment but very slightly.

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        A change in the mineral content of your water may also cause problems. If the water gets harder you might leave oil on the lanes. If the water gets softer you might leave cleaner residue on the lanes.


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          Using Ice and Defense right now. Been using Ice for 3 years and was using WIZ+ for years but switched to Defense looking for improvement. Got a little. We pull league averages often and in March one week a 20 team men's leagues was 7 pins over average, which is a lot for one week. The very next week they were 7 pins under. I go 3 days at an OOR every 1000 games then get 2 days of one every 200 games. Same box of oil and same box of cleaner. Haven't changed my pattern in 2 seasons and since January the carry down looks horrible that's why I thought maybe the lanes could be changing and affecting how the oil lays and stays.


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            The lane surface isn't getting better, worse, and better again. Your lane machine is doing something different on different days. Can you tape some lanes to make sure you are oiling the same every time?


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              How old is the brush in the machine?


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                There is a procedure for burnishing the lane if you discover the lane machine is OK. Brunswick has published a method they approve.
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                  Originally posted by mr.badwrench View Post
                  The lane surface isn't getting better, worse, and better again. Your lane machine is doing something different on different days. Can you tape some lanes to make sure you are oiling the same every time?
                  Would tend to agree with this also. Lane surfaces themselves are not going to change that quickly - the reactions will change due to the weather and lane machine burps.
                  Synthetics will have changes to their surface reaction over an extended period of time....just physics of wear and tear. But again, that does not happen week to week.


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