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replacing HPL panels


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  • replacing HPL panels

    Could someone recommend the best (new/used) lane analyzer to use when replacing lane panels?

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    Lane level with dial indicator, most times your local association will let you borrow it


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      Originally posted by JoelJoanis View Post
      Lane level with dial indicator, most times your local association will let you borrow it
      We borrowed the local Association's and could not keep the calibration. We would do a section go back to recheck and it was off, not a little like half a bubble, re calibrate and do the whole process again to find out that was wrong after another recheck. Frustrating! Am I missing something?


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        Are you standing on the lane when you do this? I once had 5 local association guys standing on a lane close together to show me that the lane wasn't level.

        If the problem is the level, buy a quality 4 foot level from a building supply store.


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          Now that's funny, I can picture it.
          Actually we were checking the sub-floor with only one person leading. No confidence in this level. I think I could do better with a good machinist level. Trying to stay within arguable specs with the USBC.


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            a quick and easy way to check any level is to the mark out side end and edges of the level with a wax pencil onto the lane or work bench.. make note of where the bubble is. turn level 180 degrees and set inside wax marks. if the bubble is not in the same position then it is not calibrated. there are adjustments that can be made on the usbc levels to correct this. once you get the level to read the same , you can recalibrate a level this way. say it reads +.01 on the right side put .03 under the right side giving you a reading of +.04. turn level 180 and see if it reads +.04. and adjust fine tune from there. then put .08 and do the same. once you get it to read the same at different heights you are calibrated. It Takes time but it is not rocket science.


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              This is exactly the way we calibrated this level and I'm no rocket scientist, common sense hands-on mechanic. This level is USED and I've seen first hand some of the individuals that use and calibrate this level, I would never allow them to set cams on my tables or sweeps. Would like to purchase one for the center that has been cared for and in good shape, if possible.


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                OK Have you had any luck adjusting your lanes ? So I am clear on your situation, You have checked said level and made your adjustments. then when they are rechecked it has changed.
                I just want to throw out that when I make adjustments that it is not always straight forward. For example, if a pindeck tilt if off .05 you and I would think that by shimming with .02 would bring it back into specs. Not so, many times even when I would put in .05 shim thinking it would bring it to .00 it would most of time be less IE .01. I was taught to make the adjustment and retighten it and let league bowl on it and then recheck. and adjust as needed. Also not to make large adjustments, just enough to get in spec.
                Let us know how the battle is going. Good Luck
                Later Chief


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                  PS the only good used Level I know thats for sale is asking almost new price. I do know that your local USBC can get them cheaper then we can. So if you want to buy a new one I would see if they would be soon kind to sell it to you at there cost.


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                    Go to the USBC shop site and they have all the measuring equipment listed for sale. I recently bought 3 black vials from them as we had broken vials due to excessive heat exploding the vial.



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