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AMF SPL II select problem, insane carrydown


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  • AMF SPL II select problem, insane carrydown

    We have placed 20 brand new AMF SPL Select lanes in August 2016 and since we have these lanes we have an insane problem with the carrydown.
    All the oil will be played towards the pindeck after 1 hour play with plastic balls. Even with a Low Volume pattern (29ft, 5.25ml).

    I almost know for 100% that it is an overlay problem, but AMF keeps saying that it can't be the lanes.

    Our Kustodion Walker (B Model) has been checked every month and we are sure the machine is good. Even Gus Falgien from Kegel came by to look at our problem and did a little adjustment in the oil machine (Lowered the Back End Strip Speed). It didn't help.

    All my pins are shiny and slippery because of the lane oil (We use Fire), all the distributor belts from my 82-90 machines are shining and I can't get it clean. Even with Defence C cleaner. The belts are done after three weeks.

    We cleaned the lanes with defence C, 1 liter Defence C, 4 liters water (did tried purified water for two weeks, didn't help).

    Are there problems known with the AMF SPL Select overlay by some other members here?

    AMF did say that there is one other bowling in the USA with the same problem. I would love to know wich bowling this is and get in contact with them.


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    I had great success with Brunswick absolute control on HPL lane. I would not use fire as my experiance is it carries down too much.


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      Plastic will move oil more than any other ball and just pick a thicker viscosity oil offense will work just fine


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