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Fire Permit to Oil Lanes?


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  • Fire Permit to Oil Lanes?

    So we are currently going through a thorough fire inspection process with the local fire department, and they are having us get a permit in order to clean and oil the lanes. This is due to the flammability factor of the chemicals used to oil. Has anyone else experienced this? It seems a bit crazy to me.

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    All we had to do was get a fire cabinet to store the lane oil, paints, etc.
    Never had to get a permit to run the lane machine.

    Do they realize this is something that gets done daily, and not a one time thing?


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      They’re aware it happens daily. They also had us get a fire proof cabinet, which is totally reasonable. I think they’re just busting our balls. It is what it is. I just found it to be a bit over the top.


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        What oil and cleaner are you using?


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          He's probably using Fire.


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            Originally posted by amf8270mp View Post
            He's probably using Fire.
            Too funny.
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              That is pretty funny fire


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                Not sure what oil you are using or machine but most of them are using some version of mineral oil, with varying viscosities. My understanding is that it is about 98% mineral oil with various additives comprising the last few %.

                Mineral oil is NOT flammable. It is combustible. The flashpoint of a flammable material is 100F, but the flashpoint of mineral oil is around 335F. - Got this off a web search for Mineral Oil flammability. (If you are keeping the lanes that warm, your heat bill must be very high LOL).

                I would explain this to the fire department and give them the MSDS sheet. Also ask what code or regulation requires this and that you would like to see it for your own education. I realize messing with the bull...... but sometimes you have to push back. And yes if you are using gasoline to oil, you may have a problem LOL

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                  I think the key when talking to any city about lanes is not to use the word OIL, stick with the more neutral CONDITIONER, or we condition lanes to avoid them possibly taking a closer look when they hear the word OIL.

                  mickeygm makes some great points with the research, it is OK to ask the local authorities questions, in my job I deal with them in many municipalities, some are more helpful than others, it is also very important to communicate to them that you are willing to meet their needs, All cities have ordinances to deal with just about anything, if they dont, the fall back are the NFPA codes. If you choose to ask about the ordinance the applies to your situation be careful and respectful, maybe let them know you wish to follow the local ordinances but would like to be able to read up on that ordinance to be sure you completely understand.

                  Always tread lightly and respectfully, I have gone to a city manager to discuss complicated issues for clarification, the reality is that fire departments are the enforcers of city ordinances, it is up to local governments to approve, create new rules to be enforced, many smaller towns at minimum will adopt a NFPA guidelines as their template and then make additions as needed to fit their own special needs.

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                    I had this issue 2 years ago with a new fire chief wanting to flex his muscles. I asked what specif code was being violated and by law he was required to cite it to me in writing. Low and behold 2 years later I have yet to be given it in writing and a quick search of State and local codes online produced just the need for the MSDS sheets and a fire cabinet...................


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