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  • Sticky Approach

    We constantly have bowlers complain about the approach being sticky. We use IPA99 to spot clean. Warm water for the hard spots that the IPA99 wont get (juice,blood,beer). I have used the approach conditioner however everyone complains that its too slick. Suggestions?

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    I know the situation very well. At the end of the day I'd rather bowlers expect the approaches be slow than try to maintain conditioned approaches. There are plenty of products out now bowlers can use on their shoe to get the level of slide they want.

    Having said that, I was given a couple of bottles of Kegel's approach cleaner. I was told when used with their buffing pad (particularly the one with the fo grass in it) it will deep clean and provide more natural slide. I've yet had an opportunity to try it though.
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      Friend of mine used Calcium Chloride, (by accident), instead of regular Salt to melt snow and ice this past winter. Caused huge sticking approach problems. Had to completely shampoo all carpeting and wash all other flooring areas to alleviate the problem. He had no sticking problems when he used regular salt.
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        We have the old armor plate lanes here and we have problems with sticky approaches as the humidity raises in the building (summer problem and early fall when the leagues start). During the winter we use a humidifier to keep humidity at 45 to 55%. We use Brunswick's new approach dry slide (62-860210-600) with good results. We apply it by broom to the approach or it can be used in the bowler's area too. Word of caution. If while applying it you look back at the approach and you can see a white haze you are using too much and approaches will be very slippery. Follow directions on the container. To add to what Mickeygm said we used calcium chloride one winter and it was a disaster. It leaves an oily scum everywhere. Never again.


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          James, thats what I use on my approaches and it works rather nicely. I still put a very like coat easy slide an a dust mop and do the fronts of my approaches with them seems to condition their shoes and from the ball return to the foul line I leave alone.
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            We have been using Kegel's Balance which is a cleaner and conditioner for the last several years on Pro Lane approaches and have almost zero approach issues, We started buffing it in the "slide box" area of the T panel every week or two to maintain consistent sliding characteristics.We were able to extend that to every 4-6 weeks as it seems the longer we used it the longer we could go between treatments.The label says to use in the slide area, but we find that it made the rest of the approach much easier to maintain by applying every 3rd or 4th time to the whole approach.Most shoe marks can be remover with a dry rag or a tennis ball on a broom handle.We used to use 99%IPA but it virtually eliminates the need to use that product anymore.


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