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Help!...Wooden Kickback Install For A2


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  • Help!...Wooden Kickback Install For A2

    Hello everyone, first time posting so please go easy . I have purchased a pair of A2s and currently installing them in a house (residential) we are building. I have trenched out the concrete for the ball return and pinsetters and I’m ready to mount the kickbacks so the mechanic can come and get the pinsetters installed. My question is, how are the kickbacks mounted as I don’t see any hardware listed or blueprints on Brunswick’s website. I purchased these used and they were out of a working center. I have read jackscrews are used but not sure exactly where to put them or purchase them. Also, I have been told to install two treated 2x12s fasten to the concrete under the pinsetters. What are the distance from the “0” line should those be installed? Any pictures or help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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    Timber kickbacks are fastened to the trusses via long screws skewed in on an angle and recessed into the kickback.

    Jack screws are used on top of the kickback to adjust the height of the machine and will be used by your machine installer.

    Unfortunately I can't remember the exact dimensions of the timber to which the sub mounting plates afix to. Suggest you contact your lane and or machine installer. The dimensions are critical but there is a fair amount of leeway.


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      Here's the best pic I have to show how kickbacks are mounted. If you trenched the concrete you will have to start with those measurements and add the lumber you are going to use under the lane surface. The top of the kickbacks have to be a certain distance above the lane, should be level front to back, and should all be the same height. The jackscrews hold the pinsetters above the metal strips on the tops of the kickbacks and give you about 3/4" to play with in case you don't get the height perfect. Your installer would probably rather visit you an extra time and give you measurements to work with than to try to install pinsetters on kickbacks that aren't installed quite right.


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        Here are the manuals from USBC. Not sure if most current but you could go to their site and check. Pages 28 to the end have a lot of what your looking for.

        Manual Equipment Specs USBC 7_2017.pdf Manual Lane Inspect.pdf
        Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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