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correct way to buff the approach


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  • correct way to buff the approach

    me and my head mechanic but heads at this one he says you should mop then buff then run a dust mop i say you should dust mop then mop then buff and dust mop again if needed help me settle this which is the correct way

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    Dusting first is a no brainer, whether you mop or not buffing is usually last. Having said that; there's really no right way, it's what achieves the desired results based on your approach surface, products used and climate.

    We don't condition our approaches or buff them. We dust and spot clean with methylated spirits twice a day. Our approaches are known to be consistently, slow which is what is preferred. Social bowlers don't care for speed and league bowlers can use a sock if their preference is a fast approach.
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      well i dont know why but he wants it done mop buff dust mop i guess its just his way and i have to do it that way


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