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New Brunswick Anvilane approach problems


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  • New Brunswick Anvilane approach problems

    We put in some new anvilane approach panels over the summer. Some of the approaches are sticky some are slick. What can a person do to them ? I've heard over the years about people taking fine steel wool or scotch brite pads and scuffing them to take away the tackiness . Any help for either problem would be great .
    Thanks in advance

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    Kegel have a buffing pad with astro turf strips sowen into it that goes with a cleaning product you could try. I have both but have yet the oppertunity to try it, so I can't say how well it might help your problem.
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      Thanks kanga


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        really ? no more ideas


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          We check approaches at closing, and damp mop any bad areas as needed.
          Use hot water, and wring out the mop as much as possible.

          Then we spray buff using denatured alcohol once a week (mainly the slide area panel).
          We use the cloth buffing pad with the green scrubbers built into it.
          Flip the pad after 8 lanes, then change after 8 more.

          PS. The textured approaches seem to get dirtier and show it more than the shiny non-textured approach.
          Some centers may need to buff daily if thats the case.
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            Do you have a hygrometer to measure the humidity in your building? If no get one and keep an eye on the humidity especially in the summer. No matter how clean the approaches are you can still have a big problem with bowlers sticking when the humidity goes over 65%. We have the older armorplate lanes and I have to watch the humidity in the building when the temperature goes up outside. Have a can or two of Brunswick's New Approach Dry Slid (62-860210-600) on hand to treat your approach mop or the one for the bowler's area floor. Follow directions on the can and don't put too much down. Now the only time I've had a problem with lanes too slippery is when a pinchaser put down too much dry slide or a bowler or bowlers were using baby powder without us knowing.


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              Originally posted by Tmc View Post
              really ? no more ideas
              Yep, that's about it. Buff with dry material, use alcohol to clean bad stains/spots. Sparingly use Approach Slide on dust mop before bowling. This applies to both the older version of B synthetics and the newer ProAnvilane.
              I have found the textured finish is easier to maintain consistency. The smooth older synthetics are more touchy because (I feel) there is no place for the dirt to go and since it sits right on the surface, the shoes are always grinding it in and ANYTHING on a person's shoe will add to it - damp or dry.


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