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    We are looking into purchasing a new oiler soon. What is best, an Ikon or a Flex? We have a 48 lane center. We don't have to have a walker type.

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    We've had the IKON for almost a year now. It's a great machine. If you're upgrading from something like a Kustodian + as we did, the IKON will immediately be familiar, it is mechanically very similar and it uses a lot of the same parts. The key benefits are the battery of course, and the touchscreen which makes it a lot easier to configure and troubleshoot the machine, and you can even program/edit patterns through the touchscreen too. We are a 24 lane center and I believe the battery capacity we have is rated for 54 lanes, so if someone forgets to plug in the charger (which has happened a few times), there should still be enough juice left to get the next league shift covered. If the battery dies, a 10-15 minute charge is enough to finish oiling.

    I think the FLEX is intended for centers that host a lot of competitive tournaments and competitive leagues, and/or feel a need to get incredibly geeky/technical with oil patterns. We only use one type of conditioner, and 2-3 patterns max during any given league season.


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      We have the flex and its a great machine, but I would have to side with DBZodos , we spent a lot of extra money on bells and whistle we don't need or use. The dual cleaner and water tanks make it easier for a pin chaser to mix up the two tanks. I had to pump out both tanks cuz one of my guys wasn't paying attention to what he was doing till it was already said and done. I had another guy put water in the oil tanks!!!


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