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Clening test ... use napkin's


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  • Clening test ... use napkin's

    Hello everybody,
    I am interested in the opinions of those who know or can express opinions on what they observe in the attached video
    Do you consider the machine to wash properly? ..... cleaner FormulaACC is a product ok?, Or not ?
    I'm mentioning:
    model alley = Switch
    oil = Kegel ICE
    cleaner = AMF FormulaACC raport 3:1
    machine = Kegel ION

    Thanks to everyone regardless of the "weight" of the answer

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    Looks clean to me!

    We use Kegel CX4S now at our center. Previously we were using Kegel Defense-C cleaner diluted to about 6.6:1. We use Kegel Fire oil. We use soft water when mixing our cleaner. Our machine is a Kegel IKON.

    When I check our lanes to see how well they are being cleaned, I'll walk the whole lane to look for problems, but I tend to focus on how clean the lane looks and feels just past the end of the pattern, at 42 feet, after running a CLEAN ONLY cycle. I wipe my hand across the lane to feel for resistance and look for any oil that may have been left behind.

    I recalibrate the cleaner output every week and try to keep our Kegel IKON at 28-30ml during the cleaner output test. Squeegee gets rotated every 6 months and replaced once a year.

    I also service a private 2-lane center and use AMF FormulaACC there, diluted 6:1, to clean AMF Reactor oil. It works just fine. That machine is an AMF EZTouch. 3:1 seems a little on the strong side, but the hardness of the water used to dilute it can affect how well it works. As long as you are not seeing any cleaner residue left behind, and getting a good ball reaction, should be fine.


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      Originally posted by DBZodos View Post
      Looks clean to me!
      I appreciate your answer, which is why I have to thank you !
      Small details that make the difference


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