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Brunswick 2000 Lane Seams


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  • Brunswick 2000 Lane Seams

    Is there anyone out there selling any 2000 lane panels? I'm having a problem with the joint between the first and second panels "bubbling" up. It appears that years of stripper have caused each end of the panel to move up. Is there a fix to this besides new panels?

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    Re: Brunswick 2000 Lane Seams

    Are your pindecks the integrated type, the deck AND lane one unit?I have that style with phenolic decks and was told by pba(we just ran a pba senior)that our old style is super hard to get panels for,kinda rare.When my seams come up i glue them down with RP45,a special glue that works great and holds them down.I use clamps and a 2x4 across panel to hold it down after it's glued.Carefull will stick anything it touches!Also-pba man said that the old style of seam joints are not that great but it functions,brunswick has new brand of seam joint filler BUT it's....$25.00 per lane!Supposed to be much better and last longer.Try to get something under the surface to clean out any old buildup and put some glue in it,should hold better then.Hope this helps you or anyone else!


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      Re: Brunswick 2000 Lane Seams

      Unfortunately this problem seems pretty common to those of us who still have the 2000 synthetics. I have 2 replacement panels. My questions are #1 how do you tell if they are still any good and #2 how do you replace a panel or are you better of cutting out the bad section and just doing a partical replacement. If so, router it out? and epoxy down the new? Any help here would be appreciated, by no means am I a lane repair expert. Thanks
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