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Technical Specifications for Conditioners


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  • Technical Specifications for Conditioners

    Hi folks,

    We are getting a Lane Walker (currently using a Summit-S machine) and my boss wants to try several different conditioners. He is an old regional 'touring pro' and feels that the AMF product we are currently using 'moves' enough to make our house 'fair' and keep our bowlers averages 'honest'. The boss wants to run 4 lanes of 'EACH' selected conditioner for testing to see how they react and move during use. I guess I will have to fully clean the Kegel before running the next set for testing.

    What I'm looking for is a single web-site that has the technical specifications for the currently available lane conditioners that would work in our new Lane Walker. My boss is looking for specific information about additives, solids and other specifics. He will make his selection for the products to be tested based on that information.

    He has more brains than I have. Generally I can't find the shot with a white-cane and a seeing-eye dog (and that is on a good day).

    I appreciate the help!!

    Al : { )

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    Re: Technical Specifications for Conditioners

    No such site exist. Determining what oil to use based on "additives, solids, and other such specifics" is of no use. The most important factor is knowing what types of bowling you have, meaning open play vs. league play, and what type of league bowlers you have. Any respectable lane tech should be able to get you into an oil that will not require you to run 4 lanes of every oil. After you do that twice you will say "screw it yourself". Even then, I have see terrible patterns make a good oil look bad. The 80's way of determining an oil was solvents vs solids. Well 20 years later things have changed a bit. Today it it knowing what type of bowling you are catering to and lane surface.
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      Re: Technical Specifications for Conditioners

      Thanks much Alex,

      This just confirms my 'view' of my managers plan for establishing the new 'house', 'league' and 'other' patterns with our new Kustodian Walker Sport Edition (Model C). We have two, multi-year 'A' Mechanics from the ABC/USBC National Tournaments working in our center (where we also occasionally worked on the lane crew).

      We believe, we can establish these required patterns, without his assistance.

      Al : { )


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