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  • flying balls

    having trouble with balls hiting the cornners of the kickbacks where the capping ends the kick back is 1/2 an inch over the end of the capping with the corner beaten in, resulting in miss guided 7 and 10 pin shots sending the ball flying in to the rake arm or some times the sissor deck i really have no idea how to solve this issue any ideas will be helpfull thanks as allways. mike
    Good work is not cheap and cheap work is not good

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    Please post a picture of the round gutter/ transition block / kickback please


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      flying ball w/pic

      Good work is not cheap and cheap work is not good


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        As long as the small cap is not loose there is not much you can do about that

        It looks like an older kickback

        You cold take a sawzall to the kickback to level it with the capping


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          do you think it might help if i raised the cap
          Good work is not cheap and cheap work is not good


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            No - you do no want to raise the capping

            Is the wood gutter in front of this area cracked my chance?

            If so it will act like a spring board


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              Originally posted by msh37ktp View Post
              do you think it might help if i raised the cap
              Is it only on the small cap side? Are your gutters loose and springy helping the ball hop up and over the capping and then catching the raised up kickback?


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                no there solid its only when the ball makes contact with the kickback
                Good work is not cheap and cheap work is not good


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                  Had problem with flying balls into table due to shallow gutters level with lanes at my old center. Lowered end of gutter helped some. Balls were hitting a skislope at end of gutters before transition piece to flat gutters.


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                    The issue is the widest part of the ball is not aligned to the capping. When the ball reaches the kickback...the widest part of the ball now aligns with the kickback and strikes the kickback corner which will cause the ball to make an abrupt change in direction. When the ball reaches the kickback, it should align with the capping and the kickback at the same time to prevent this abrupt change. You can trim the kickback as King well. You could move the capping up...but the capping is used to help hold the gutter in place so I would frown on changing the position of the capping. Let us know what you decide to do.
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                      i will thanks
                      Good work is not cheap and cheap work is not good


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                        Has this been a long standing problem? Check the gutter width front and back on both lanes, possible off. Also check the plumbness of the kick back.

                        Good luck, post the fix.



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                          When i enlarge the photo it looks like the balls hit the edge of the kickback at the front corner by the gutter.
                          Me? I'd raise up the capping so it is level to the kickback and see what happens.
                          Saw this ALOT at an FEC place i was at to help out and i had to tighten the gutters down(very loose),raise up the capping where it met the kickback and secure the adapter blocks which were also ultra loose.
                          Seemed to work well after that.
                          It was just a very poor install back then when they put the place in.


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                            Have also seen guys adding new kickback wood by cutting out a small section where it comes to the lowest point in the front and then securing it down.Alot of work but some have done it that way also.This raises up the front portion of the kickback so it is UP and balls can't hit the edge anymore.
                            The wood has to be just as hard as the kickback or it will just fall apart in time!
                            Ya see alot of "odd" things in some FEC places.


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                              You cannot raise the level of the capping - the capping holds the gutter down


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