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Would appreciate some help developing a new pattern.


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  • Would appreciate some help developing a new pattern.

    My home house recently changed owners. For the past 4 years or so there have been practically no modifications to the house pattern. It had been run by a guy who didn't bowl and didn't fully understand the bowling industry. The new owner, however, does bowl. He has recruited me to help out a bit here and there with pinsetter maintenance and doing something with the pattern. He wants scores in the house, as do I. There hasn't been an 800 in that house in 4 years and there was only one 300 there last year, in a house with plenty of talent. I have some ideas on what to do, but I want some knowledgeable opinions on what should be done.

    Info on the house and lane machine: Our lane machine is a Kegel Kustodian with Kegel Infinity conditioner and defense C cleaner. I'm not sure what specifically the lane surface is, but they are synthetic and they are particularly hard and slick.

    I don't have KOSI on this computer, but I do have all the load information for the current pattern. Sidebar: their serial to usb converter is busted, so I have to make all the changes through the keypad, although I can set up a pattern on their laptop to get a visual reference.

    Current pattern is as follows:
    Start brush: 0
    Oil pattern distance: 42
    Drop brush reverse: 42
    2L-2R X2 10 IPS
    9L-9R X1 10 IPS
    10L-10R X3 14 IPS
    11L-11R X2 14 IPS
    12L-12R X2 14 IPS
    2L-2R X0 18 IPS 16-34ft
    2L-2R X0 26 IPS 34-38ft
    2L-2R X0 30 IPS 38-42ft
    Reverse pass
    2L-2R X0 30 IPS 42-36ft
    13L-13R X1 18 IPS
    12L-12R X2 18 IPS
    11L-11R X2 18 IPS
    10L-10R X3 18 IPS
    9L-9R X2 18 IPS
    8L-8R X1 14 IPS
    2L-2R X0 10 IPS 8-0ft

    Complaints with current pattern: Honestly, I think it is too long for the lane surface. Corner pins aplenty. There is no defined wall to bounce off of if you like to play inside-out. Ball labors to get to the pocket unless you rip the cover off the ball. Oil also carries down quite a bit. I'm usually further right at the end of the night than I am at the beginning (I'm right handed).

    My opinion: I think the pattern should be shortened, create a bigger difference between inside and outside oil volumes, and possibly start the dry boards farther inside.

    I want the scores as high as possible. I honestly think there is enough talent in that house to get 10 300s per year and one or two 800s. Any opinions on what could/should be done would be greatly appreciated.

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    My database shows you have Brunswick Pro Lane.You can call Steve Cross at Kegel 1-800-280-2695 and he should be able to tweek your pattern.
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      I am not an expert, but I see several things in that pattern along with length that are probably causing the symptoms you describe. Call Steve for sure. :-)
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        I realize this is an old post. I don't see the point in hitting 9 consecutive boards. I would suggest hitting 2, 8, 11, and 14 on the way down with speed gradually increasing. Use the reverse pass to beef up what you did on the way down.
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