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    Any suggestions been using for a month mixed results. I have a call in to Kegel just waiting for return call just seeing if anyone is using and what your pattern is

    I have hpls phoenix s

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    Current conditioner = bad news. Switch back to what you were using prior if it was working well for you.


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      Reconbbs, can you elaborate on the"bad news" you speak of? Comments like that aren't very helpful, much like a bowler that say the lanes are "$@#t" when asking them what went wrong. I'm sure you've been on the receiving end of that, like most of us.
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        What are the issues you're seeing? You said you've had mixed results; what are the positives and negatives? I'd love to assist if I can.



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          I've talked to Steve Cross yesterday he's helping all set. I just wanted to get some feedback from people one here or ideas Thanks


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            I like it. Not quite there but very close. Took a few weeks to make adjustments from Fire, but scores a steadily improving. Not putting up huge scores or honor scores yet, but getting closer. I am running a Phoenix S on Prolane.

            It seems to stay put longer, but in turn can be harder to clean off. I have noticed a bit of carry down here in the last week, don't know of it is pattern related or cleaning related. Overall, it reminds me of Logic when Logic was good The ball skids easily thru it and reads the friction well. I have had multiple people tell me they didn't have to move their feet all night, just about getting lined up to begin with.


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              we have been using currant oil here with some good feed back it is very slick stay where you put it and flows back together in the head area well ,we have a flex machine and run a 42 foot pattern at a 45 ml stream it is a typical top hat house pattern with crisp back ends we have amf hpl lane surface highway stripe glow
              keep it simple


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                Been using it for a month now...Leagues are loving it...Had to up the cleaner mix a little bit...But it definitely stays where you put it !
                "Don't expect too much and you'll never be let down..."


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                  Going 45' on hpl's had a girl bowl 708-714 and a 280 game last week also had 300- 2-299's no out oors no ball calls going good took a little bit to dial in but gonna try what I have


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                    I have been using current and fire for about 6 mths now all I have done to make it better is cut back the current by 5 mics cleaning at 24-1 ratio with cx4 no issues cleaning at that ratio I have 19 yr old hpls using current up and fire back


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