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Curve oil question? Lane Pattern Confusion


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  • Curve oil question? Lane Pattern Confusion

    K+ lane machine Curve conditioner and invincible cleaner.42' THS reverse drop brush at 38'

    I recently made a small change to our lane pattern. It was breaking down too soon with early hook in the track area and really snapping off the outside boards 4-6 . I added 1 8 to 8 load and 1 4to 4 load. Took tapes at 40' the old pattern avg between 4 and 6 units on boards 1 -7 now after the change avg 7 - 10 on those same boards. track area 8,9 and 10 was 8 to 10 units now its 10 to 15. Everything seemed fine, Monday night a couple guys actually had to move right because they were a little slicker than they had been, until last night and today . Now they are claiming the lanes are hooking early and the backend got even stronger. I know you can add oil and increase backend reaction because the ball saves up more energy for down lane.. Why would they hook earlier? I took tapes everything looks the same as when I made the change a week ago. This is the exact pattern and conditioner that I used last year . No changes until last week. I don't know if there is a batch problem or what.
    Thanks in advance everyone

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    Temperature and humidity can also change the way the lanes play. Has there been a big change in either of those? I would suggest giving the guys at Kegel a call.
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      There was actually a 40 degree difference in the temps between Wed and Thurs but had same issue both nights.


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