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  • House Pattern

    Anybody use Kegel Main Street as their house Pattern? If so, what type of lane machine, lane conditioner, cleaner, you use? Looking for a shot? Thanks, shane

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    Our leagues just started, but we've been experimenting with Wall Street, Main Street and High Street since getting our Kegel IKON about a month ago. Using Kegel Fire conditioner and Defense C cleaner, which we also used previously with our Kustodian Plus. Lanes are DBA IQ synthetic.

    High Street seems to be working out for our double shift nights and also for the seniors in our morning shifts who don't have the ball speed for the shorter patterns. I think we added a load or two on the reverse passes on Wall Street and Main Street because they were breaking down a little too quickly for us.


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    • spot
      Wall street or Main street or Easy street
      we have wood lanes that have a fresh top coat
      we are using a kustodian with the transfer roller and pads
      oil is offence hv at 40mic and cleaner is defence-c at 5-1...
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