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  • kustodian plus question

    when changing patterns how long does it take for the kustodian plus to change the pattern on the lane
    went from easy street to bourbon street first 2 nights every one hated it could not get outside 5 because it would not come back and has an awesome back end that hooked like crazy now tonight every one liked it still not able to get out passed five but had a soft back end and score where good (score where about 15 to 20 pins less the nights before) doe it take that long for the machine work in the new shot ?

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    So this is the 3rd night you've put out Bourbon Street? If the machine is calibrated and working properly, the change should be pretty much instant.

    Sounds to me like the backends were cleaned better the first two nights where you saw the backends jumping compared to the most recent night where the backends were soft.

    Next time you go to oil the lanes, run a clean-only cycle on the first lane and walk the entire length to confirm that the machine is cleaning properly all the way, no streaks, flecks or patches of leftover conditioner. If you're seeing leftover oil, check squeegee condition and adjustment, check your vacuum hose for leaks and make sure the fittings are snug to the recovery tank, check the duster roller condition and adjustment, check the cleaner tip, and check that cleaner output volume is what it should be. Also, when's the last time you flushed out the recovery tank and changed the filter?

    I check the calibration on our Kegel every Monday morning so that I am confident we start out the league week with a properly functioning machine. The cleaner output volume can decrease by a few milliliters in a week's time and that can make a noticeable difference by itself. Kegel recommends 25-30ml, our rep says he likes 27ml, and I like to push it to around 28ml so that we stay over 25ml the whole week.

    We're starting out the second half of the winter season with Bourbon Street tonight.


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