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  • Which pins to buy

    Hello all thank you for wonderful sight was wondering which pins to buy my pins arw many years old and my boss said we could buy new pins am looking for advice on which pins to buy as i hear there is more than one kind ours say amf thank you good day

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    This is a test


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      I'd go with a surlyn coated pin, Q/AMF Amflite II's are tops IMHO, followed by the Brunswick Max or ScoreKing which are also made by Q/AMF.

      From my experience Nylon coated pins are garbage, look like crap,
      are harder to keep clean, and don't last as long. The surlyn coated
      pins will be more expensive but worth it IMHO.
      * this space left blank intentionally *


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        Well, we went with Score Kings this last round. We still have enough Max Kings from our install. I would go with AMFLITE II's but... I didn't see much of a difference between those and the Brunswick ones. Just remember that all QAMF and BRUNS pins are made in the same place.

        In the past we have had older Brunswick, AMF, some pins that have an armed forces logo on them, Linds, Twisters, and some reconditioned pins. With pins... don't spend your bottom dollar, and I wouldn't buy plastic.

        This is an investment, if you have Sport/Collegiate/League bowling. If not, go cheap if you are primarily an FEC. If you are in it for good pins,

        I can only suggest AMF/Brunswick pins. Linds were... not good at all... Twisters were good in that they lasted forever, but they don't exactly fly right, and were a bitch to clean.

        I would either get AMFLITE II pins or Score Kings. When we got our new set I also got a Kegel Pin Shine Cleaner. So we clean our old set and our new set, and we store them with a wet sponge so the pins don't dry out now that it is the low humidity season with the heaters running all the damn time.


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          If it cant be fixed with a hammer, use a bowling pin.


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            AMFLITE II. Pretty good pin from what I have seen.


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              Amflite is good pin but i think you pay a premium for the name.
              The other pins mentioned are just as good but more affordable as an intial cost.

              Buying pins is a major capital expense, go through the exercise of purchasing different name brands and trial them side by side. You will find that they all have roughly the same cost to life expanctancy ratio.

              Good luck with your choice.


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                Hello all thanks for helo we boufht amf pins and have many offspot pins but have been happy


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