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Can you spray automotive clear coat onto pins


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  • Can you spray automotive clear coat onto pins

    ok. can you spray auto clear coat onto pins to make them shine again. Not even 5 months old and these amflites have lost the shine big time. Cheaply made. Using only pin cleaner AND pin wipes.are on cross conveyors.

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    I guess you could but i wouldn't expect it to last very long, a week or two dependant on lineage.


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      It is not legal USBC specs on page 14 (


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        I've been looking for a paint to make candlepins white again. They are all plastic (I think UHMWPE) and most paint peels. I took one pin to a NAPA store about a year ago and asked the paint guy to check with NAPA's experts for a paint. They sent the pin back with half of it painted bright white. After about a month in the pinsetter the white paint picked up black spots from something in the pinsetter that wouldn't wash off.


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          figures usbc ruins folks wanting to recoat pins with a clear coat which would do no harm to a pin. imho. BUT a place that refinishes pins can do that...goofy.


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            Recoating by them is approved. Welcome to: "I am from the government, I am here to help you"


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              You used to be able to use “pin dip” but that was 30 some years ago.
              Knew a house that did that to their AMFlite II’s.
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                Tried that once a long time ago, didn't like the results. If you are going ti try it, try it on a couple of test pns first.
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                  Here is the most current Equipment Manual dated 7_2017 if someone wants to upload it. Looks like you can coat pins as long as you get it approved by USBC. Back in the old days we had our pins re-coated regularly so I know there were approved products then. Probably have to check with a re-coating facility or USBC. Per page 16, isn't it something PJ, they've added more stuff LOL,: At no time may a pin be painted or any supplemental finish be applied that has not been
                  evaluated and approved by USBC.
                  Note: For permit renewals, all coatings and finish materials must meet a percent similarity specification. If pins fail
                  to meet these specifications, USBC will conclude the pin is a different pin than was initially submitted, therefore
                  denying permit renewal.

                  Manual Equipment Specs USBC 7_2017.pdf
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                    I used to patch and coat pins back in the day (before surlyn coatings).
                    The clear coat shine was only temporary.
                    It was more to help tighten the plastic and help them last longer.

                    As long as the pins stay white, I wouldnt worry about the shine.


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                      Yes Wookie, we used to use a white patch compound on the big nicks. We would also have them Clear Coated, (which if memory serves me), was a "Shrink Coat" to tighten the cover or coat them with a White "Shrink Coat". The company would tape off the name and approval so it would not be covered up after coating.
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