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Can you spray automotive clear coat onto pins


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  • Can you spray automotive clear coat onto pins

    ok. can you spray auto clear coat onto pins to make them shine again. Not even 5 months old and these amflites have lost the shine big time. Cheaply made. Using only pin cleaner AND pin wipes.are on cross conveyors.

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    I guess you could but i wouldn't expect it to last very long, a week or two dependant on lineage.


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      It is not legal USBC specs on page 14 (


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        I've been looking for a paint to make candlepins white again. They are all plastic (I think UHMWPE) and most paint peels. I took one pin to a NAPA store about a year ago and asked the paint guy to check with NAPA's experts for a paint. They sent the pin back with half of it painted bright white. After about a month in the pinsetter the white paint picked up black spots from something in the pinsetter that wouldn't wash off.


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          figures usbc ruins folks wanting to recoat pins with a clear coat which would do no harm to a pin. imho. BUT a place that refinishes pins can do that...goofy.


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            Recoating by them is approved. Welcome to: "I am from the government, I am here to help you"


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