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  • AMF Pinnacle Pins

    I'm in the market for new pins. Anyone out there tried the Pinnacle?
    There! Try to NOT work now!

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    We are on our 2nd year of the 2 year warranty. We will be returning most of them. As we are a high linage house and we absolutely destroyed them. Scoring seems to be about the same, or maybe a little better than Amflites. The bases are much more durable on Pinnacles. The bases on Amflites like to peel like an onion before any neck checks or scalping. Bottom line...Cost more up front, but you can't beat the warranty. Cuz they're not prorated. They are pin for pin. Even if you don't do a lot of lineage, they will still last you longer than Amflites.


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    phoenix rebuild

    phoenix lane machine we got from another of our centers
    seems like pms were not done in a long time
    and these are just some of the pics

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    At first let me tell you that they are pretty sturdy and very...

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