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    Does any one have a guide to cleaning A-2s.Something that tells me what to use and how to clean every area of the machine. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,Sid

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    Re:Pinsetter clening
    This is what I use for most cleaning. The pinsetters are already fairly clean, so I dilute it about 100:1 for daily cleaning, make it a little stronger for tougher jobs. If this stuff won't clean something I try lane stripper, then in rare cases, floor stripper, (very alkaline, rinse well and protect your hands) or a solvent like WD40.
    For daily and weekly cleaning I saturate a towel in diluted citrus cleaner, wring it out, fold it neatly, clean, flip towel, clean, fold towel.
    Daily cleaning, ball wheel, turn pan, pin wheel.
    Weekly cleaning, cross conveyor and turret center chute, ball tracks, y switch. And accelerator brushes, but I clean those with my fingers. Lift rods, every 3 weeks, I realize I'm extreme on this, most clean them at least every week, but I get more life out of gum rubber rod cover this way.
    We wash carpet covers once a week, change or flip accelerator ball wipes at least once a day, more often if they look dirty. I have Zot kits on the accelerators and use EBN 3 foot ball wipes.
    The above is to keep them clean. If you need to get them clean, you will need to clean more often and dilute the cleaner less.


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