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Lightworx. only working in first two sections


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  • Lightworx. only working in first two sections

    Hi everyone, my first posting here.

    The first two address decoder boxes work perfect. After that the rest of the lanes just have a few random lights on. I intend on swapping two of the boxes to determine if the cable between the boxes is bad, or the box itself.

    My question is do I need to change the address on the box or can I simply swap them as a test. I just want to diagnose what has failed.

    Off topic, our center just won cities best for the forth time. Woo-Hoo!!!!

    I'm a noob, been at this eight months now.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Most of the time, the problem is the light-to-light cable between the last working light and the first non-working light. Brunswick must have had a lot of issues with these, cuz ours did't work out of the box. When we called about it, they replaced them all under warranty. You can get these to work buy disconnecting and reconnecting. But the next time you turn them on, they won't work again. These cables are easily identified by their red plugs. The replacements will have white plugs
    We have had a few bad light modules that worked with power coming in, but no power coming out. But this was very rare. Rather than pitching these, we just use them for the last light in the strings. I hope this helps.


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      Sorry for so late a response, had to pull a couple extra shifts when our lead mechanic fell ill.

      I have a lot of spare parts for this system since they removed eight lanes many years ago under different owners to put in a nightclub. There still isn't a nightclub, but we have one hell of a storage room.

      I found another address decoder box to box connector and ran it between them on top of the lanes. Everything came back to life, so I taped it to the old cable and fished it through and all is good in the land of Hugo's on the Hill.
      The system was installed a good many years ago and it is all red connectors. I am following advice given by another member and dabbing the connections with a bit of silicon. Started with our most problematic line of lights so we shall see how well it works. Also did the same with a flatscreen on lane 16 that has the lower connector fall off about every four weeks. Works like a charm for a month, then dies. So I'm hoping to not re-do that one for a few months.

      Great advice I get from this site. All this newbie can say is thanks a lot!


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