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puzzled projector(no signal)


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  • puzzled projector(no signal)

    This just doesn't seem possible.....Am I missing something?
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    Under the KISS theory... Is the projector set to receive the signal from the proper input?

    When you list that you have "changed" an item, did you swap out with new or did you move the parts from one of the KNOWN GOOD working projectors?
    If not that is where I would start. Take only the projector from lanes 9-17 and swap with the first one. Still nothing? Swap black adapter box with one from the third projector, etc.
    You don't have to be crazy to do this job...But it helps!


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      Thanks for the advice...Cat 6 is brand new,Black box is from another section thats working,Projector is another brand that my boss had laying around..but ill try and switch projector with one from another one thats working right now..


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