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  • Cosmic lights

    After several months of work from start to finish. All 44 pin decks (if the lane is in use the color washes out), 23 lane dividers and 22 masking units. 89 DMX boxes, lots of hours of learning how to, and then programming the effects.
    You don't have to be crazy to do this job...But it helps!

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    Looks awesome !!!!
    "Don't expect too much and you'll never be let down..."


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      Verrry, very, very nice!
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        Thanks guys.
        In a 16 lane house, or even 24 lane house this would have been a fun little project. With 44 lanes by about the half way point of the project, it became way to much like work.

        Getting some good feedback from customers to.
        In a larger town like Grand Rapids MI there are quite a few bowling alleys, several within 15 min of us. We are the second largest in town, and the only one with a light show like this.
        You don't have to be crazy to do this job...But it helps!


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          What Dmx controller/boxes did you use? Looks really good. We "modified" ours last winter right before NYE the owner decided we should have an updated lightshow. So we went with the cheapest light bars from amazon prime and IMO looks better then before with a dozen expensive units doing random crap. Your show looks way better and I'd like to do something like that with more than a week lol. The thing we couldn't really figure is how you would get the lights to be controlled by music instead of a person pushing the buttons?
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            Just like every thing we do, I went the cheapest way I could.
            Found a supplier on that I got the DMX boxes from. Think I ordered 75 of them, cost about $550 (used 66. 1 for each deck light and 1 for each of the 22 masking units), These are controlling just some cheap 12v strip lights that I bought at $7-8 per 16' roll. Paid a little bit extra to get the black pcb so that when they are off you can't hardly tell they are there on the masking units.
            For the lights running down the lanes I had to order high voltage lights. The 12v lights are limited to about 32' per run and we ran them about 50' down the lane. These controllers are quite a bit more expensive. I think I paid about $35 each for them. Again from

            Say what you will about cheap China stuff. It works, and it's cheap.
            I priced every thing sourcing the cheapest I could find in the US and it would have almost doubled the cost of doing this.
            Just an example:
            The high voltage lights going down the lanes. Cheapest I could find was $348 for a 100 meter roll. Buying from (sister site to I got the 4 100 meter rolls that I needed for just UNDER $500.

            For the computer program, I found several free ones. The one that I like best so far is called Freestyler X2. It has an option to let the beat of the music step through the programmed sequences. If there is no music then it steps through it by what ever timing you set.
            The scene that I uploaded was actually taken before I was completely done with the project. If you notice the deck lights change the same time the masking unit lights do, just different colors. This is because I had the controllers for them set to the same DMX address as the masking lights, just had the wires for blue and green switched around. I now have each set of lights set to it's own address, and got them wired correctly.
            One of these days I'll take a video of what it looks like now and post it.
            You don't have to be crazy to do this job...But it helps!


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              This is a picture of the 2 different controllers that I used. The black one is the one that controls the 12v lights. The silver one is the controller for the lights going down the lanes.


              An upside down picture of the deck light set up. T8 LED for our regular deck light, and a roll of the 12v led's for the light show. Colored lights don't show when lane is running, but do run with the program.
              Actually put the colored lights in the same time I switched over to the LED deck lights and had them just running random patterns a couple times. They quit using them after just a couple times for some reason. This was about 3 years ago. Have only had to change 1 deck light in that time incidentally. Long story short, got a new manager, showed him that we had them installed, he wanted to expand the idea, and a project was born!
              You don't have to be crazy to do this job...But it helps!


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