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Golden Plated C-1 plug Socket Pin


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  • Golden Plated C-1 plug Socket Pin

    Hello All,
    I have A question. Regarding the C'1plug pins and sockets. I hav e been noticing that the C1 plug pins and Sockets now are Burning more often then years before. Before I checked my C-1 plug every other month then monthly and now Two weeks. And they already have bad pins again. So what I notice is that the pins that keep burning are the new ones that I replace.
    so I am looking for the gold plated wich I have in some of my MP Chassis and they never go bad. Any body know if they still make the gold plated pins. If any body can help with part number or place where I can find them I would appreciate it. Thanks
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    Sounds to me like you should start looking at replacing the sockets, and not just the pins. Over time, with plugging and unplugging not to mention vibration, the sockets are going to start to spread causing a loose fit on the pins. Get a small gap and you get arcing which would cause the pins and sockets to burn.

    Just something to look at.
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      When you replace burnt male pins, are you replacing the female pins on the machine side of the C1? You can see the damage to the male pins, but not the female pins. Replace both and I'm pretty sure you'll have a lot better luck. Gold pins will fail about the same as nickle plated, and they cost a lot more.
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        ...and ideally, keeping the same chassis on the same machine it came off after it is repaired. If you are still dead set on the gold pins, you should also have the gold sockets. But as mentioned, you won't see much difference.


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