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AMF 82-70 Solid State Chassis wiring


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  • AMF 82-70 Solid State Chassis wiring

    My Center recently bought equipment from a closed Center and we went it in and did the tear down. We got all of their solid-state Chassis. They look just like the ones that we are running but when I go to hook one up to our machines the sweep overruns all of its stop point. It does it to the point that when it goes to 66 degree or first guard position it over runs and then ends up causing a interlock. Is there different series of Chassis to where I may need to rewire something in the chassis to get it to work correctly with our machines? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Also when I put our chassis back on then the sweep and table run just fine, so I know it's in the chassis. AMF 82-70 Solid State Chassis MK70 board, short cycle expander board.

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    check your sweep contactor or terminal wiring. some contactors "work slower" than others and that millisecond come be enough to cause an overrun. also check the contactor n.o. contacts. check the wire connection at the n.o. terminals as the load induced by the motor braking can cause arcing especially if the screw terminal is loose. also check the c1 plug for burnt terminals or wires.



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      Thank you, I will check those.


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        Checked contacts, had loose screw on lower sweep contact and loose wire. Just needed to take my time and go through the chassis. Can not assume that I got chassis in perfect condition from a closed bowling center. Will go through the other chassis better checking all connections and contacts.


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          Yep, first place to always check, the contactors, and wiring for contactors. Sometimes even bad pins could cause issues like that.


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