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Zot rake drop gearbox triggering


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  • Zot rake drop gearbox triggering

    Have on A's quick rake drop and the expander card for gearbox triggering. Anybody else have that and knows pretty much how to fix it. Zot seems to not return calls. I just have a small issue for now. Sometimes the LED's don't light up when pinsetter is turned on and machine just keeps recycling. I'm assuming no lite LED's mean no ball detect signal going to TDM so it thinks the beam is blocked so it recycles. Just wondering if best to solder the power leads instead of using the molex plug connector.

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    If I recall, a lot of that wiring is routed in places that could suffer from movement in the wires. I had some that broke the wire inside the insulation and were tough to troubleshoot.
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      Ok when this happens all I do is turn machine off and on to get leds lite. Once in a while got yo do it couple times in a row


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        Loose or bad connection going to the low voltage strip from the triggering perhaps?
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          Have you tried moving components 1 at a time to another lane? If the problem moves... then you have solved the mystery.
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            No not yet. Pretty much agree with you on bunch of wires hooked up to molex connecters then just push on connectors. Thought it maybe just vibrations and loose connections. But it has done it on turning on machine and also while there bowling on it. New owner with a few people and they kinda panic but OK now. We are all learning. Never seen the Zot triggering and Com score.


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              Could be loose sensors on the bottom. Doesn't take much for the lights to go out or a bad connection at the time delay. Only problem I ever have is sometimes the expander card drops the rake but the machine won't trigger. I have tried adjusting the rake down mercury switch but to no avail. I replaced both units today to see what happens.
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                Had one TDM other day couldn't get the 1st ball delay to slow down. Put new one in working now. But then have another one now that I can't get time delay on 1st ball but when I adjust for 2nd ball pod 2 I get delay on 1st and 2nd ball together. Do I just need to replace 1st ball 1 pod ?


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                  Pots benifit from "exercise" so to speak. Give them a vigorous clockwise/anticlockwise workout to see if it cleans up the wiper contacts.

                  If that is the problem I would look at replacing them with resistors.
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                    do you have the list of resistors that need to go in TDM with wiring diagram ?


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