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Zot quick drop rake and triggering


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    For now I got the leds to light up. Thanks for checking for red led light inside emitter. I could see read from naked eye on other lanes but not on this lane that am working on. So double checked the emitter receiver hookup in tdm and they were crossed. Put on right now works. But i did check for this last week in case there were crossed and they never lite. So as you have stated maybe the emitter led is going weak. I do have new emitter receiver coming.
    Yes it does constantly recycle when LEDs not light
    Ok right side mercury switch in the down closed position .goes to right side of tdm
    the left side mercury switch In the open position goes to the left side of tdm for expander card and splits off for 1st relay 32v and 2nd relay 32v. Assuming these are for rake solonoid and gearbox solonoid that wires ran too.

    i will post a pic of what comes with tdm but has no internal wiring diagram


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      That's good to hear. So I take it your up and running now?

      You might take a couple permanent markers or some finger nail polish and paint the emitter and receiver connectors different colors. Not the whole thing just a little marking so you know which is which. Then mark all your tdm's with the matching marks so in a hurry you can know where they go without tracing the cables back.

      When you get the rest of the information, I will work on a wiring diagram for you. Should be fairly simple.

      If you got the sensors to align then the led's should give you some sense of the strength. If you have good strength then the led is probably still good. However, if you find you are having troubles then as James suggested, you can replace the LED a lot cheaper than the entire unit and it should be good as new.


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