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  • GE LightSweep Lighting Controls

    My center opened about 2 1/2 years ago, and to "simplify" our lighting, they installed a couple banks of GE's LightSweep Lighting Controls, with CLCCSM8 group switch modules, CLCRMS6 relay modules, and RR9 relays. Now for the first year or so, everything worked smoothly. but after that, problems started happening. I'd come in in the morning to find a couple of the CLCRMS6 modules showing a "supply voltage is low" warning. While investigating, I discovered that simply disconnecting the power for that module(s), and waiting a couple minutes, it would clear the warning and function properly. Initially, this would happen once or twice a week, work fine for the next week or so, then it would happen again, then fine the following week. Now, I'm having to reset the modules every morning. No clue as to the cause. The modules are being controlled by low voltage switches at the CLCRSM6, but at only a couple of them. And a single com wire going to the CLCGSM8. a wire to the grd, to the 'on' and to the 'off'. But, something particular about the way the CLCGSM8's are wired. There is only 1 9-wire com wire. The way the have both banks wired is, the main wire goes to the first bank to all of the 'on' wire slots at the CLCGSM8. Then, and this is the strange part, there is a jumper wire going from the 'on' slots to the 'off' slot, than a second com cable coming out from the same "off' slot, going to the 'on' slot at the second CLCGSM8 at the second bank. Then a wire jumping to that CLCGMS8's 'off' slot. I'm at a loss. That's the only thing that seems to be off about these controls. I don't know why anyone would jump 2 different ports like that. I'm wondering if anyone else here has these or has used these controls, and if theyve seem them wired this way as well. Any help would be appreciated.

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