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  • A real puzzler

    Brunswick ball lift. Trying to install a brand new Baldor motor 53-860322-010. After setting the direction and the voltage I tried to run it with a test lead and it will not rotate. All it does is hum. I then tested it on high voltage setting (still with 110 input) and the motor will run but obviously it won't have any power that way. The only thing I can figure is that I have a miswired motor and it shows up on low voltage setting.
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    Double check your wiring in 120 v mode. When in low voltage, the windings are put in parallel and if you reverse them the coils will cancel each other out. Don't have a diagram in front of me but say if you have T1 and T2 for run winding 1 with T3 and T4 for run winding 2 then T1 and T3 would go together while T2 and T4 would go together. If you put T1 and T4 together with T2 and T3 together, the magnetic fields will cancel each other out and it won't run.

    Not sure what your actual terminals are labeled. This is just an example.


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      ball lift wiring.jpg

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        Ok. Here you go. For low voltage you shouldn't have anything on J. Simply put 1, 3, and 8 on line 1. Put 2, 4, and 5 on line 2. Reverse 5 and 8 if you want it to run the other way.
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          I figgered it out. This motor doesn't have all loose wiring that you just wire nut together. Each terminal has a connected wire that stays put. After giving myself a headache studying wire diagrams and taking the motor apart so that I could positively identify every wire I ended up doing what I should have done in the beginning. Tear another ball lift apart and look at that motor. The unmarked brown wire that I have marked (3) in my diagram needed to move to the join.

          Your information about the wiring in parallel was helpful. Thank you Jason.
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