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AMF Magic Score arrays


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  • AMF Magic Score arrays

    Does anyone here have a pinout of which terminals go to which transducer(at the plug where the array connects to the pre-amp), and is there any way to reliably test & repair an array, replace transducers? These things are seemingly made of one has them, and I need working spares. I've figured out that a functional transducer measures like a capacitor, typically 900-1000pF, but how do you replace a bad transducer without messing up the entire array?

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    Each transducer, 7 in each array, is sealed with cream-colored, hard plastic "goop". I'd love to know how to identify which transducer goes to which pins on the plug, and how to replace one that's bad. Obviously, I would love to upgrade to a more modern scoring system, but we're in a small town in a rural area, so that's not in the cards, and I have to make this old stuff work.


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      I have a lot of parts for these & have been repairing them for years, the real trick to them is replacing the bad one(s) since the cable is a shielded cable. I made up a jig to do this a long time ago. I also made a tester to determine 'iffy' transducers. Usually there are more than one bad transducer in a strip by the time you start seeing consistent issues. I still repair these, PM me if you want.

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        We had the kickback versions, not the pindeck light version.
        I used to have notes on pinouts, and which transducers covered which areas of the pindeck.
        For the technology at the time, they worked pretty well.
        I sure dont miss them though.


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          What a Pain those things were, I used to replace the Kickback style one's individually ie; 1 piece at a time, just snip them off and solder a known good 1, usually around the 10 or 7 pin ends, till I got the problem. From memory you have to watch the Angle they face.
          always doing my best.


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            I have ZERO experience with this system but my love for all things electronic and keeping old stuff running makes this an interesting topic. The links below are to what I believe are the patents for the system. I couldn't find any other documentation on the system. The first is an overview and the second is the pdf of the patent including drawings which was linked from the first link.



            I didn't do a deep dive but they seem to provide some fundamental details on how the system works. It doesn't have the pinout you desire but interesting none the less.

            I can't imagine there are a lot of these left in service but like you say, parts are probably premium priced. I use ultrasonic sensors with micro controllers that are pretty accurate and relatively cheap. I wonder if some new technology can be adapted in to replace the transducers. Might be an interesting project. Maybe I'll set up some pins and see what happens. Maybe some sensors on the sweep that would detect which pins were picked up as it sweeps under them. hmmm Of course you could probably adapt in a camera but that's another project.

            Good luck on your search. Let us know how it's going. Let me know if there may be something I can help you with.


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